revision: 0.013

Sharing XP cost feature implemented. This is necessary for “share spam”  mitigation to prevent users saturating others’ notifications with  irrelevant shares. It now costs 1 XP to share to your connections and  the square root of the member count to share to groups. For example, sharing to a group with 100 members will cost 10 XP, to a group with 1000 members will cost 32 XP, and so on. There is an artificial limit at 1M members (1000 XP).

In “add to playlist” menu: added search filter for existing lists to avoid duplication.

Implemented simplified version of the navigation menu throughout the application.

Improved “related videos” results when in post view in desktop and mobile versions. Take a nature post, for example:

  • Improved Home and Recommended loading times.
  • Improved results in Recommended feed. Some improvements from “related posts” ported to Recommended. This is a work in progress, improved Trending algorithms will be next.
  • Improved the user matching logic for suggesting users.
  • Work continues to deliver the new “Video view” mode, the Real-Life Referral system, and the YouTube auto embedding features. A sneak peek (note, the end result may differ):

 Upcoming profile view

 Upcoming post view

  • Resolved 69 reported issues.

Upcoming features


As we announced in our previous August update, a comprehensive list of upcoming features can be found on our subreddit r/BitTube.

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