When you have invited everyone to your home would be not kind of you to cutoff some of them at the door. This is what happened when we launched the bit.tube video platform. We saw tons of inappropriate content being uploaded. That’s why at the end of June we dedicated a sub-platform for all the sexually explicit content. In that way we made the platform safer for kids and suitable for browsing in public places. It was a solution well discussed with the community and an easy solution to clean up the home page.

We have grown so much since then. Our AI has been learning from every frame uploaded allowing us to have a sophisticated filtering system. Focusing on what’s ahead we don’t see a reason to tow such a burden. Dealing with adult uploads is quite complicated when it comes to enforcing copyright. We choose to commit our efforts to more productive solutions favoring original creators.

BitTube is community driven, and again the community had spoken. A Twitter poll guided us in the right direction. From 1372 votes 58% signed for the removal of the sub-platform. Its discharge is going to clean our reputation as a company, and all users will benefit of increased rewards pool that was associated with the lustful content.

We are glad people engaged and commented giving their view on the matter. With the capabilities of the extension we can monetise anything web as the comment below suggests it would be much better to support the original publisher instead of fighting with infringements.

Our goal is to create even better than decentralised YouTube. We are glad to hear people want it.


What will happen with the xxx users?

All sub-platform users can access their profile and wallet at bit.tube. All users will receive an email with a list of the hashes of their published content so they can access it via an IPFS gateway. Please be warned that uploading such content to the main site will lead to closing the wallet and banning the account.

The sub-platform will be ceased on 11th of March.