BitTube is a privacy-inclined blockchain platform that monetizes the streaming or watching of videos. The platform enables users to enjoy video content without the distraction of pop-up ads or any kind of advertisements whatsoever.

The BitYube platform is based on the original Monero blockchain, which is well known in the industry for its focus on the privacy of transactions.

Mining BitTube, like several other newer generation tokens, is a profitable venture if you use the right equipment and follow the right processes. In this post, we will be considering the basic steps that you need to take to have a profitable experience in mining BitTube.

How to Configure GPU Settings

In the mining process, the first thing that you will need to do is to acquire mining hardware (a GPU), connect it to your computer, install the driver, and configure it accurately.

When configuring your GPU driver, it is common to find many antivirus software flagging it as a virus and threat to the computer. Therefore, you may need to exempt this particular software manually so that it will be able to run properly on your computer.

A general way to solve this problem, especially if you are involved in mining multiple coins, is to move all your mining drivers to a particular folder and exclude the entire folder from your antivirus protection. Do this, of course, at your own risk.

Avest Free Antivirus screenshot.

Choose a Mining Pool

Mining can be done independently in what is generally described as solo mining. Results with solo mining are usually low, and it could take several months for you to see any successful results. Joining a pool helps to boost your efforts. Because of the increased mining power of a pool, conquering blocks and gaining coin becomes easier.

Small fees are usually charged to participate in mining pools, mostly about one percent of returns. It is okay to use the platform’s official mining tool or any other pool that may suit your preference.

BitTube screen shot.

When you have joined the pool, then you can connect to any port of your choice.