Welcome to 2020, fellow BitTubers!

To start the year off, we’re announcing that the BitTubers.com domain is moving to BitTube.tv and BitTubeApp.com is moving to BitTube.app.

These rebrands are set to finalize on January 31st.

Some of you might have noticed already that beta.bittubers.com now redirects to beta.bittube.tv. The official launch will be later this month, since we need some time to update our documentation.

Why the rebrand and why now?

The year 2020, as the number suggests, marks a new decade of clear vision. We wanted better brand consistency and we’re happy to say we’ve managed to reach a decision. The upcoming change to BitTube.app and BitTube.tv will improve brand recognition and simplify our overall sales pitch.

BitTube is an ecosystem. We build multiple products that work together in harmony to deliver censorship-resistant monetization, file sharing and communication. This ecosystem needs to be easy to grasp. Originally, we separated the “BitTubers” product from the “BitTubeApp” product stack, thinking that the cryptocurrency side might turn novice users away from an otherwise very accessible social platform. We recently decided to change this mentality: as BitTubeApp.com moves to BitTube.app, the BitTube.tv platform will be featured as a prominent product on the BitTube.app website, along with the upcoming mobile app. In addition, parts of the BitTube.tv “About” section will move to the BitTube.app Knowledge Base, such as Policy, Guidelines and Roadmap. We believe that consolidating everything to simply “BitTube” will make it markedly easier for users to learn about and adopt everything the ecosystem has to offer.

Rebrand summary:

On or before January 31st 2020, the following changes will take place:

  • BitTubeApp.com will move and redirect to BitTube.app.
  • BitTubers.com and subdomains will move and redirect to BitTube.tv.
  • Company email addresses will change to .app and .tv.
  • BitTube.tv will be listed as a product on BitTube.app.
  • The upcoming BitTube.tv mobile app will be listed on BitTube.app (release ETA Q2).
  • The Knowledge Base (currently https://kb.bittubeapp.com/) is being reorganized and streamlined. BitTube.tv policies, guidelines and roadmap will be actively maintained here.

What about..?

You’re right! There is a lot more on the horizon than just a slight rebrand. Next week we will share more information about the referral system, an upcoming hard fork, torrent hashes on the blockchain, features and bug fixes and our search for decentralized exchanges.

Also, we’ll have another announcement tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Your BitTube Team