We’ll be forking to a new version on 7th of February around 13:15 UTC+0 at block height 268000

Attention to pool operators and miners!

You’ll need to update to the latest daemon and wallet rpc from https://github.com/ipbc-dev/bittube

You’ll also need to use the latest official pool software from https://github.com/ipbc-dev/bittube-pool or ensure that the pool software you’re using does either of the following:
a) Has special handling for BitTube block reward distribution and it’s updated to support v6 distribution (miner reward 40% of block reward)
b) The pool gets miner reward from the first output of the coinbase transaction and not from the full block reward

If you’re running your own blockchain explorer you’ll need to update to latest version from https://github.com/ipbc-dev/bittube-blockchain-explorer

There’ll be a second fork 720 blocks later since not all the changes can be done with the first one, but this requires no extra actions. The requirements listed above have to be done before the fork only once.

Attention to all GUI offline wallet users!

We discontinue to support the GUI offline wallet, available wallets will be extensioniOSAndroid or bittube-wallet-cli from https://github.com/ipbc-dev/bittube. The new iOS and Android wallets will be updated by Monday 4th of February.

It is not 100% a priority for the team given the project goal of mainstream adoption. Therefore, the GUI wallet maintenance will be a community task, and it should been seen as the first incentive option for devs outside the team to contribute to the project and earn TUBE for their contribution. After the AirTime distribution update we dedicate a 5% community fund. We will give more details soon. We will take care of handing the GUI wallet to the community and we will help the other devs to accomplish the tasks. Our main focus is to get the mobile wallets ready for the fork, then we will take care, right now there is not enough time, to full fill all the tasks.

We recommend if you have balance on your GUI offline address to move it to one of the above mentioned wallets. If you are reading this article after the 7th of February a way to get access to a GUI wallet balance is to restore the wallet address via the private key or the mnemonic seed to an updated wallet app. For support you can reach us weekdays 9am to 5pm at GMT timezone at https://bittubeapp.com or in our social media channels below.